Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday Blossoms

Saturdays are great.
Our day typically starts around 7:00am, when T realizes that his digital clock starts with the #seven and he can "escape" from his room. He then jumps into our bed and the three of us wrestle, tell stories and plan out our day.  I knew I was behind on potting my plants this spring, due to all the crummy weather and cold temps, so I convinced the boys to join me for a trip to Wery's Blossom Creek in Suamico, WI.

While T played in the sprinkler at home, here's what we accomplished.

Gerbera Daisy and Geranium
Zinnia and Zinca vine
Purple, White and Pink Petunia
Large Italian Basil Herb for cooking!
...and then I took a two hour nap. :)  How did you spend yours?

1 comment:

  1. Hooray--you're blogging again! I think it's great in a house where boys outnumber girl, that she can convince everyone to do her thing somedays :)

    Your new plants are just beautiful. Have you always had a green thumb? Will you grow any other herbs or veggies?